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M.E.M.E. - Lei è Bellissima (official video)

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M.E.M.E. are an Italian psychedelic rock band with influences ranging from
’70s progressive rock to recent trap music. Founded in 2015 in a West Rome
hood’s garage, by the guitarist“ Fregia$” (Edoardo Morena) and the drummer
“Papy” (Emiliano Betti).
They aim at giving new shades to progressive and psychedelic rock music by
adding sounds typical of electronic and internet music.
Here is where the problems start: how to explain such a counterintuitive and
ethereal idea to prospective members of the band? Few musicians were
auditioned but the perfect vibe was never achieved. Maybe due to the lack of
experience, the high project’s ambitions, or the fact that explaining concepts
such as “Trap Music” and “Internet Culture” to a musician could be hard in 2015, without getting
perplexed looks due to a simple lack of knowledge on the subject or suspicion.
The turning point happened in the summer of 2018 when the singer “Condor” (Giacomo Crea) and
the bassist “Brock” (Ludovico Ventura) joined the band. Thanks to them, during the same year, the
band composed many songs, including “Balele (convulsioni in inglese)”, which will form the
upcoming album.
Dry, reverberated and autotuned voices, switching between Italian and English, create a bridge
between text and music. In the latter there are strong psychedelic and alternative rock influences,
but not only. In fact there are sections where the rhythmic language
ranges from trap to dance music, thus completing the song’s cornucopia
of genres.
The idea behind the video is to represent the deep inner change
experienced after listening to the band. The video was played by Greta
Lanzaroni and written by M.E.M.E., Lucas Begendi and Luca Valentino
(the latter two are also the directors). Its realization took more than a year
due to the recent pandemic. It tells the story of a girl who, after listening to
the already quoted “Balele”, embark on a crazy journey that will drive her
completely insane through iconographic images such as African masks,

worms, spinaches, televisions and moonscapes.
Check the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZyoOPzPiSI

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