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Ultimate Record Collection: David Bowie

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Welcome to Ultimate Record Collection: David Bowie, Pt 2 (1977-1989). It's the second volume in our definitive Bowie timeline trilogy: all the records in order of release, with first-person eyewitness accounts from the people who worked alongside Bowie making the music. Just in case the pandemic stopped you finding Part 1, that's been reprinted and is available in our store (uncut.co.uk/single) now, too. Or you can get the pair in a heavily-discounted bundle. All with free UK P&P.

Meanwhile, if ever there was an opportunity for you to tell us about your favourite Space Oddity oddity or post your favourite regional sleeve variation, it's now...  


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Yes, those World Of variants are interesting too. I have the bubble perm one in mono - but, interestingly enough (to me at least) - just found out that 'The mono edition of this collection is a fold-down of the stereo tape, and therefore does not contain the true mono mixes available prior and/or since on other releases.' Damn! Another favourite variant attached. A US pressing of even earlier material - from the three Pye singles (including the Lower Third one).

IMG_4137 2.jpg

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On 14/11/2020 at 14:46, Scott said:

@John RobinsonI'm glad you've reprinted the first part of this Bowie trilogy. I somehow missed it first time around, and the copies for sale on eBay are extortionate!
I ordered Parts 1 and 2 a couple of days ago, really looking forward to receiving them 🙂

Hi Scott 

The first one dropped snugly into Lockdown pt1 - we thought it was a sound move to get it out there again in a new edition. Hope you enjoy them when they arrive!


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18 hours ago, Rob Franks said:

Some UMG hopes for 2021...The Doors (50th anniversary of JM's death), T-Rex (50 yrs since Electric Warrior), Blur (30 years since Leisure), Nirvana/Foos (30 years since Nevermind), Arctic Monkeys (15 years since WPSIATWIN). And Jack White. Just because. 

Good choices Rob! Blur (and solo projects), Nirvana/Foos, The Doors, and Jack White would also be on my UMG wishlist, along with Zappa and Suede. Also deluxe versions of Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, just because I missed them first time around!

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