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Ultimate Music Guide Talking Heads

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We've just received our copies of the latest Ultimate Music Guide: Talking Heads. As it usually does working on an issue like this, it's provided the perfect pretext to extensively re-investigate the records you loved anyway (for me that's Remain In Light) and to discover ones you might have missed (again for me: The Name Of This Band Is...)

So which is your favourite, and why? Is Brian Eno the best thing that happened to Talking Heads? What's the best "world" music you've been introduced to by David Byrne? Let us know your thoughts on this and anything else TH-related... JR


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10 hours ago, Graham Cooksley said:

Nick Cave is crying out for a UMG, the mans catalogue is diverse (Grinderman) and immense

Yep, agreed. He was one of the first we did, back in...2013, maybe? "A whole magazine about me?" he said. "How exciting..."

As Scott - below - says there was a Deluxe in 2018 so there won't be another for a while yet. You'll soon hear about it when we do, though...


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Hi, question: - how do you start a new topic - as my point is more of a general nature about the whole series than the latest issue?

My query is how do you decide which artists to cover in this series? I have collected every issues so far - but I am surprised at some of the omissions thus far.

Is there any news of any of the following being covered as I would really like to see these:

  • AC/DC
  • Free/Bad Company
  • Iron Maiden
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • ZZ Top
  • Madonna
  • Eagles
  • Faithless



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Really enjoyed this issue, although how some songs on Fear Of Music and Remain In Light can only merit two or three stars is a bit of a head scratcher!

Pretty amazing intro by David Byrne with almost the entire focus on "I" rather than "We" which made me laugh. Talking Heads were so much about all of them and I guess that's why they're always at or near the top of many people's "group they'd most like to reform" list. 

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