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What UMGs would you like to see?

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On 18/03/2021 at 20:41, Cowtools said:

Wow! Amazing job dude!

I really want that Curtis Mayfield one to be real.

Thanks a lot!

Here’s one I made a while back...


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An interesting genre that hasn't had much coverage in mainstream mags that I'd like to see an Ultimate Genre Guide for is Industrial Music.

It's a scene that spawned some huge stadium acts (NIN, Rammstein), cult bands (Throbbing Gristle, Killing Joke), and controversial people (Marilyn Manson, Al Jorgenson). There are lots of stories to tell.

But also, it's a genre with its own distinctive aesthetic and ideology, which would make for a very interesting looking magazine

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Hi John,

Would love to see UMGs on the Finn Brothers (ie. Crowded House, Neil & Tim solo, Finn Bros) & Damon Albarn (Blur & Gorillaz). Also Carole King, James Taylor. Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, George Michael/Wham & Madonna

I love your Ultimate Music Guides and have bought a number now and have also managed to track some of the out-of-print editions down too.  I especially loved the REM, Bowie, Kate Bush & Elton editions and discovered long lost deep album track gems. I love the immersive nature of them and the album-by-album reappraisals and have found some amazing album tracks as a result of these deep dives as well as appreciating their musical evolution.  Have just ordered your Fleetwood Mac one, inspired after the recent BBC4 themed night.



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The Church


Hoodoo Gurus

Cheap Trick


Van Halen



John Hiatt


Iggy Pop

Psychedelic Furs


Chric Isaak

Bauhaus/Peter Murphy

Split Enz/CrowdedHouse


Last but not Least... THE POLICE.



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