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  1. Hey, @Matt Keenan and @Pádraig, I mailed you both Weather Station CDs yesterday. Hopefully, they should be with you sometime next week - maybe the end of the week for yours, @Pádraig. Thanks, folks!
  2. Hi @Zeno. You should have received the Weather Station CD. Can you DM me, please? Thanks!
  3. Hey @Jim Beers, @Matt Keenan, @Aleksandar Somogyi. Sorry to hear you didn't receive the Weather Station CD with your subs copy this month. I've relayed this to our fulfilment house, who handle subscriptions. The good news is that I have a small stash here... so if you'd like to DM me with your addresses, I'll pop a copy in the post to each of you. Apologies again.
  4. Squeeze is a funny one, for sure. I'm not making any grand claims for it, mind; but it's one of many strange and compelling footnotes that comprise the post-Lou/Sterling years. You may be surprised to learn that there are two post-Lou/Sterling line-ups, including one that features no original members of the band... But critically, I think the 3rd album and Loaded are both brilliant records. Astonished, too, at the 'unreleased' material on VU, like Ocean. An amazing creative patch.
  5. Morning folks, Not sure if everyone's seen this, but Entertainment Weekly have run an interview with Todd Haynes, previewing his Velvet Underground doc: https://ew.com/movies/todd-haynes-velvet-underground-documentary-first-look/ Has this whetted your appetite at all..? I'm not alone in noticing that the focus of Haynes' doc seems to be the Nico/Cale/Warhol years - one of our writers (and a VU expert), Tyler Wilcox posted on Twitter last night that he feels the Doug Yule years will be "diminished" in Haynes' doc. Anyone else feel strongly that the Yule period (3rd albu
  6. Hey folks, Apologies for the shameless bit of promo, but here's our first issue of Uncut of 2021! Join us, as we journey from Sutton to Eritrea in pursuit of Leonard Cohen's strange and compelling 1970s. Also inside you'll find The Clash, an amazing interview with Sonny Rollins, The Black Keys, Kraftwerk, Jane Weaver, Arab Strap, Bootsy Collins, Alice Cooper and plenty more besides. Please shop responsibly and order a copy for free UK home delivery from us here: https://bit.ly/38BEqfT And of course, we'd love to hear what you think of the issue when you've had a chance to read i
  7. So the news is polarising opinion in our Twitter feed this evening. Everything from “Cannot wait for this!!! 👍” to “How much more can they wring out of this half of a one trick pony? Barely a smudge in the timeline of music history.“ What do you all think of it here..? And here’s a link to our original story in case you missed it... https://www.uncut.co.uk/news/danny-boyle-to-direct-new-six-part-sex-pistols-biopic-129131/
  8. Hopefully, some of you might have already got wind of this... but all print subscribers will receive a lovely and exclusive Weather Station CD with the next issue of Uncut, in addition to their regular free CD. A thank you, from us to you, for your patience and loyalty during the last year. Here's to a better 2021!
  9. I gather subscriber copies started arriving on Saturday - thanks for the heads up, @Rob Franks - so I thought it was a good moment to share the February 21 issue here on the forum. We reveal officially tomorrow morning, but in the meantime - Neil Young's 40 Greatest Songs (or perhaps that should be 40 of Neil Young's greatest songs...), our Album Preview, Syd Barrett, Cocteau Twins, Stevie Wonder, the Weather Station, Buzzcocks, Captain Beefheart, Tom Morello, some amazing unseen Dylan pics and plenty more. As ever, let us know what you think of the issue once you've had a chance to
  10. This is an excellent thread, @Super Hans! Off the top of my head... You can work a couple of configurations with the four Velvets albums (VU&N >> WLWH >> VU or WLWH >> VU >> Loaded) On The Beach >> Tonight’s The Night >> Zuma (not sure whether we should include Homegrown in here?) Curtis >> Roots >> Superfly I suspect there’s several Cave runs but these three are pretty formidable: Push The Sky Away >> Skeleton Tree >> Ghosteen First three Roxy albums / any cut of the first four Eno solo albums
  11. A quick heads up that the next issue of Uncut features our Album Preview, which includes a peek at 21 albums coming this year. Everything from Weller, the Cure and Jackson Browne to Mogwai, Steve Gunn, Low, Rhiannon Giddens, Jake Xerxes Fussell, Teenage Fanclub... Seems to me a very healthy list, which bodes well for the coming year. I should also say there’s a Weather Station feature in the new issue — and, honestly, Tamara’s new album Ignorance is incredible.
  12. Yes! And directed by Peter Bogdanovich, which is great but I would like to know how that pairing came about. Does anyone know..?
  13. If you like the North Americans album, check out the Barry Walker Jr album Shoulda Zenith. He plays pedal steel on Roped In. It’s similarly spacious, ambient, meditative anchored by Walker’s playing. You can check it out here — it’s seriously good. https://holymountainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/shoulda-zenith
  14. Soul Jazz are just the very best at that kind of thing, I think. I still rate their % Dynamite series as among the very best reggae + compilations. On a similar note, digging around in my record collection the other day, I came across Blue Note's Blue Juice and Blue Breaks & Beats comps - which were equally well curated. Easy enough, I guess, if you have access to everything in the cupboard. Let us know what you think of Cafe Exil and the Cuba comp!
  15. I'd love to do a 'transitional' Mac feature, Rob. So who knows...
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