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  1. I think we can all fully understand artists such as Dylan wanting to monetize back catalogues in their twilight years when revenues from streaming are so pitiful, to protect their dependents. Apparently David Crosby and Joni Mitchell are very likely to follow suit. I think archive releases will probably proceed as they have been doing. With the artist relinquishing control will we see more? Who knows. The labels don't really have a great history of making the best decisions though do they?
  2. Two for January would be Steve Earle's album of covers of his late son Justin's work and the new Steven Wilson LP The Future Bites.
  3. It has without doubt been an exceptional year for music, thankfully in these strange times. However I was surprised that 6 of my top ten didn't make the Uncut top 75. The guilty 6 are: Samantha Crain - A Small Death Kris Drever - Where the World is thin Orlando Weeks - A Quickening North Americans - Roped In Oscar Jerome - Breathe Deep Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments.
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