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  1. Good call! Trad Techniques my favourite Malkmus albums since Real Emotional Trash.
  2. Hi Scott The first one dropped snugly into Lockdown pt1 - we thought it was a sound move to get it out there again in a new edition. Hope you enjoy them when they arrive! Cheers John
  3. When's that from - late 70s? "Do Anything You Say" very much my fave.
  4. Love it. I like the cartoon Images cover (US version is it?) where Uncle Arthur looks like Ringo Starr. The 1975 one where they have the "Philly Dogs" cover tells its own story too.
  5. Strong topic! Expect to hear more from us on here about this. For me: Dylan. C'mon.
  6. Hi Rob You're quite right, yes - it's an online exclusive. Sainsbury's will net you a UMG Talking Heads but Bowie pt 2 is here with free UK P&P: https://magazines.bandlabtechnologies.com/store/products,ultimate-record-collection-david-bowie-part-ii_269.htm Cheers JR
  7. Uncut's hotly-anticipated end of year issue is on sale now, featuring a world exclusive interview with Paul McCartney! The magazine also comes bagged with two gifts: a Best Of 2020 CD and our exclusive Macca scrapbook, Paul Stories. You're right: two thumbs up. When you've got your copy from here you can let us know what you think about Michael Bonner's cracking interview. What are your thoughts about the McCartney albums so far? What are you hoping for from McCartney III? Will you be shelling out for Neil Young's Archives or to see the reformed original lineup of The Damned? And which a
  8. Welcome to Ultimate Record Collection: David Bowie, Pt 2 (1977-1989). It's the second volume in our definitive Bowie timeline trilogy: all the records in order of release, with first-person eyewitness accounts from the people who worked alongside Bowie making the music. Just in case the pandemic stopped you finding Part 1, that's been reprinted and is available in our store (uncut.co.uk/single) now, too. Or you can get the pair in a heavily-discounted bundle. All with free UK P&P. Meanwhile, if ever there was an opportunity for you to tell us about your favourite Space Oddity oddity o
  9. We've just received our copies of the latest Ultimate Music Guide: Talking Heads. As it usually does working on an issue like this, it's provided the perfect pretext to extensively re-investigate the records you loved anyway (for me that's Remain In Light) and to discover ones you might have missed (again for me: The Name Of This Band Is...) So which is your favourite, and why? Is Brian Eno the best thing that happened to Talking Heads? What's the best "world" music you've been introduced to by David Byrne? Let us know your thoughts on this and anything else TH-related... JR
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