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  1. Introducing our latest deluxe 148 page Ultimate Music Guide: Bob Marley! Every album reviewed in-depth. Our definitive UMG now expanded with new archive pieces on Bob's UK-based 1977 and his 1979 trip to play the Harlem Apollo. Enjoy! Read more here You can get one direct to your door with free UK P&P here
  2. Hello again Out today is the Ultimate Record Collection: David Bowie - Part 3 (1990-2016) What is it? Well I'll tell you. It's the definitive recordings timeline - every album, single and comp - depicted in order of release, with new or unseen comments about making the records by the people who made them. Someone asked me on Twitter today, "Am I being thick? Is it the same as the Bowie Ultimate Music Guide?" Answer is no both times. No, you're not being thick and no it isn't the same as the UMG. This is an all-new, phone bill-threatening, transcription heavy, Zoom call-tastic work
  3. Glad you like it, Tom. The alternate cover is exclusively through Barnes & Noble in the US. John
  4. There isn't one at the moment, Brendan, it's true. But it's not out of the question.
  5. Catch a bright star and put it on your forehead! Presenting the Ultimate Music Guide to Marc Bolan and T. Rex. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of "T Rextasy", that moment in 1971 when Marc led the glitter rock revolution, and took a huge new audience with him on a thrilling ride, while wearing a sparkling blazer. This new mag features in-depth reviews of all the albums, as well as some extraordinary archive interviews where Marc - no wallflower - told the press just how brilliant he was. As it turns out, it was fairly brilliant. There's also an insightful new foreword by Tony Visconti.
  6. Hi Scott That's the only official store with stock I'm afraid. Best John
  7. Delighted to introduce you to this lovely publication, which subscribers will have already received. Joni's 30 best songs, every album reviewed in-depth, alongside some wonderful features and reportage. It's very much the place to go to find out the full deal on Joni Mitchell. Hope you like it. So...What are your Top 5/10 Joni albums? Let us know... John
  8. I did! And I always like the answers. Thanks for those...
  9. There was a question elsewhere in the forum from Robert, who said this... I have collected every issues so far - but I am surprised at some of the omissions thus far. Is there any news of any of the following being covered as I would really like to see these: AC/DC Free/Bad Company Iron Maiden Siouxsie and the Banshees ZZ Top Madonna Eagles Faithless ...which I have put here for a bit more prominence. It's a fair question. So what else would you like to see? Let me/us know.... Cheers John
  10. I think this is a very acceptable way to start the discussion. I don't think we're completely mad on forum protocol yet - though of course that might come. Thanks for your interest in UMG. Do you have bespoke UMG shelving? My own quote unquote system is bowing sadly under the archival rock weight. Thanks also for the suggestions there all welcome and occasionally I must say - Faithless? - surprising. Cheers JR
  11. With the marking I would say that it's all about the context - amid lofty peaks even giants can seem humbled. David Byrne's intro was great I think - and one which as you have correctly suggested, is very much an example of a piece you read between the lines. Glad you liked the issue. JR
  12. Good call! Trad Techniques my favourite Malkmus albums since Real Emotional Trash.
  13. Hi Scott The first one dropped snugly into Lockdown pt1 - we thought it was a sound move to get it out there again in a new edition. Hope you enjoy them when they arrive! Cheers John
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