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  1. An interesting genre that hasn't had much coverage in mainstream mags that I'd like to see an Ultimate Genre Guide for is Industrial Music. It's a scene that spawned some huge stadium acts (NIN, Rammstein), cult bands (Throbbing Gristle, Killing Joke), and controversial people (Marilyn Manson, Al Jorgenson). There are lots of stories to tell. But also, it's a genre with its own distinctive aesthetic and ideology, which would make for a very interesting looking magazine
  2. Wow! Great job. Now that I'd like to read. They should do a UMG on hip-hop. Ot at least one on Public Enemy or Beastie Boys
  3. Wow! Amazing job dude! I really want that Curtis Mayfield one to be real.
  4. It occurs to me that there are bands with a long career and a huge discography, who nonetheless would make for a pretty boring UMG 😆 Like, could you imagine the AC/DC guide? "So this song is about how great rock & roll is." "And this song is a metaphor for sex..."
  5. Ha! I wasn't expecting an UMG about these guys, but this is a great pick. Despite owning 6 (I think) of their albums, I don't fully 'get' The Fall. I'd appreciate some in-depth analysis of their albums - especially Smith's lyrics! My personal favourite is Extricate. But Hex Enduction Hour seems to me to be their magnum opus.
  6. I figure that for it to be profitable to publish an UMG on an artist, the artist need to have: A) big sales figures B) enduring popularity C) a large discography. D) a large achieve of articles about them Also, have they appeared on the cover of Uncut? So these are the UMGs that I think are most likely: Nirvana + Foo Fighters Nirvana has to be the biggest most influential rock act who hasn’t had an UMG yet. I figure they’re waiting for the 30th Anniversary of Nevermind in Sep to publish this. Blur 30th Anniversary of their debut album this year. Rush Afte
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