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  1. Love's Garden Within the beautiful garden of earthly delights True love blooms always both day and night In the garden once filled with endless thorns A place where true love is forever born Said I love you and that's the honest truth Your love takes me back to the days of youth Chorus: Lay our love upon the waiting shore Within love's garden we could not ask more Your love is my glowing sunshine in the sky We can't let another precious moment go by You fill my beating heart with a burning fire In the heart of pure love and a wild desire Will you walk with me till
  2. Hello this is one of my songs Journey of the Soul I am hoping it gets published in Uncut Magazine All of my songs are copyrighted and for sale on Songbay Gary Edward Allen Journey of the Soul We're on a journey of the soul To the endless beat of rock and roll In this world there's just you and me Just two spirits born forever free Together both in love we truly are Hang our dreams on a midnight star Both been through the fires of Hell We collected scars but lived to tell Chorus: On a journey down love's endless road Will always love you till we grow old You l
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