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  1. Just saw the note about the Peter Green concert tribute on the Uncut Twitter feed. Great news. Third time lucky.
  2. Maybe a good idea for a future Uncut article, Michael - something I don't think has been covered in the main magazine before? (Although obviously there's a lot in the UMG). Would be a nice surprise to see that incarnation of the Mac on the cover rather than Stevie, Lindsey et al.
  3. The Style Council film was terrific - the reunion right at the end was very touching. Watched the Ronnie Scott doc the other night and again, wonderful - some amazing footage and, of course, fantastic music. Still hoping to see the Peter Green tribute concert film at some point - postponed twice this year at my local venue due to the dreaded you-know-what ☹️
  4. Some UMG hopes for 2021...The Doors (50th anniversary of JM's death), T-Rex (50 yrs since Electric Warrior), Blur (30 years since Leisure), Nirvana/Foos (30 years since Nevermind), Arctic Monkeys (15 years since WPSIATWIN). And Jack White. Just because.
  5. Me again John... is it likely the Genre Guides and NME Gold series will pick up again next year?
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