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  1. When can we expect to hear some news on the February bookazine, John?
  2. Have to agree, I've never listened to The Weather Station before but this sampler was excellent, particularly the songs from Ignorance (the opening 50 seconds of Robber could have come from the last 2 or three Radiohead albums!) Definitely a revelation, so thank you.
  3. TBH there are too many excellent music documentaries these days for me to get excited about another fictional account, even if it is the wonderful Danny Boyle. I'm no more interested in seeing Anson Boon as Lydon as I am seeing Johnny Flynn in the new Bowie biopic. Bo Rap and Rocketman were enjoyable enough for a couple of hours, but personally I'd rather watch the real thing.
  4. Given Haynes' excellent track record I'm really looking forward to this; I only hope, as hinted in the article, that this will very quickly be available on other platforms, for those of us that don't have AppleTV. I have never actually listened to Squeeze? For me, and I would suspect for a lot of others, the VU 'ended' after the (brilliant) Loaded. Maybe a future Uncut feature could persuade us otherwise...? 🤔
  5. Have just seen the cover reveal of the new UMG on the Bandlab website. YES! FINALLY! GET IN!!! Etc etc. I'm very excited. Happy New Year.
  6. Totally agree with Scott for a Frank Zappa edition and Chris for a Johnny Cash. They'd have to be bloody great doorstoppers mind.
  7. I did suggest some a few weeks back but in the wrong forum section, so I'll be cheeky and post again.. The Doors (50th anniversary of Jim's death) T-Rex (50th anni of Electric Warrior) Nirvana/Foos (30th anni of Nevermind) Blur (30th anni of Leisure) Arctic Monkeys (15 yrs since WPSIATWIN) Jack White is probably well overdue, and I'm surprised we didn't get an Iggy & The Stooges one in 2020. Also badly needed are Deluxe re-issues for U2, Bruce, Costello, Floyd, Lou/Velvets, and Polly Jean. Well you did ask...!!! 😊
  8. Just saw the note about the Peter Green concert tribute on the Uncut Twitter feed. Great news. Third time lucky.
  9. Maybe a good idea for a future Uncut article, Michael - something I don't think has been covered in the main magazine before? (Although obviously there's a lot in the UMG). Would be a nice surprise to see that incarnation of the Mac on the cover rather than Stevie, Lindsey et al.
  10. The Style Council film was terrific - the reunion right at the end was very touching. Watched the Ronnie Scott doc the other night and again, wonderful - some amazing footage and, of course, fantastic music. Still hoping to see the Peter Green tribute concert film at some point - postponed twice this year at my local venue due to the dreaded you-know-what ☹️
  11. Some UMG hopes for 2021...The Doors (50th anniversary of JM's death), T-Rex (50 yrs since Electric Warrior), Blur (30 years since Leisure), Nirvana/Foos (30 years since Nevermind), Arctic Monkeys (15 years since WPSIATWIN). And Jack White. Just because.
  12. Me again John... is it likely the Genre Guides and NME Gold series will pick up again next year?
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