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  2. I can't say I'm a massive fan, but I think a Madonna UMG could be quite interesting
  3. I figure that for it to be profitable to publish an UMG on an artist, the artist need to have: A) big sales figures B) enduring popularity C) a large discography. D) a large achieve of articles about them Also, have they appeared on the cover of Uncut? So these are the UMGs that I think are most likely: Nirvana + Foo Fighters Nirvana has to be the biggest most influential rock act who hasn’t had an UMG yet. I figure they’re waiting for the 30th Anniversary of Nevermind in Sep to publish this. Blur 30th Anniversary of their debut album this year. Rush Afte
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  5. Given the small percentage of girl bands given opportunities at major music festivals and the move within the Industry to rectify this should there be increased review of emerging talent.
  6. I'm having a sort out, years worth of cover CDs and magazines, does anyone collect / want them, before I bin them?
  7. Oh and also... Björk (w/ the Sugarcubes) Spacemen 3 / Spiritualized Prefab Sprout Suede a-ha The Flaming Lips Pet Shop Boys Talk Talk (although there's probably not enough to qualify) Genre guide to Shoegaze / Dreampop Genre guide to Post Rock
  8. For me, album of the year has to be the cruelly unheralded I Am Not a Dog on a Chain by Morrissey. Listen to it, it's really great. Others include (in no particular order): The Strokes -The New Abnormal, Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher, Bruce Springsteen - Letter To You, Haim - Women In Music Part III, King Krule - Man Alive!, Paul McCartney - McCartney III, Blu and Exile - Miles and Nick Cave - Idiot Prayer.
  9. Quite a few off the top of my head... Swans Blur / Various solo projects (Gorillaz, Good, Bad and the Queen, Graham Coxon etc.) Aphex Twin Japan / David Sylvian Scott Walker and the Walker Brothers Iggy Pop (w/ Stooges) Miles Davis Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye Beck The Durutti Column Sonic Youth The National Autechre Pixies The Police Throbbing Gristle (w/ Psychic TV, Chris and Cosey and Coil solo projects) Tim and Jeff Buckley Fairport Convention (w/ Richard and Linda Thompson, Sandy Denny) Ultima
  10. All of this has turned into a long weekly discussion at my office so let's hear your opinion. Bartees Strange: Live Forever Ben Seretan: Youth Pastoral Bruce Springsteen: Letter to your Country Vladislava Fedotova: Employee monitoring software - that's all i need Westerns: Country Westerns Dogleg: Melee
  11. Love's Garden Within the beautiful garden of earthly delights True love blooms always both day and night In the garden once filled with endless thorns A place where true love is forever born Said I love you and that's the honest truth Your love takes me back to the days of youth Chorus: Lay our love upon the waiting shore Within love's garden we could not ask more Your love is my glowing sunshine in the sky We can't let another precious moment go by You fill my beating heart with a burning fire In the heart of pure love and a wild desire Will you walk with me till
  12. Hello this is one of my songs Journey of the Soul I am hoping it gets published in Uncut Magazine All of my songs are copyrighted and for sale on Songbay Gary Edward Allen Journey of the Soul We're on a journey of the soul To the endless beat of rock and roll In this world there's just you and me Just two spirits born forever free Together both in love we truly are Hang our dreams on a midnight star Both been through the fires of Hell We collected scars but lived to tell Chorus: On a journey down love's endless road Will always love you till we grow old You l
  13. Introducing our latest deluxe 148 page Ultimate Music Guide: Bob Marley! Every album reviewed in-depth. Our definitive UMG now expanded with new archive pieces on Bob's UK-based 1977 and his 1979 trip to play the Harlem Apollo. Enjoy! Read more here You can get one direct to your door with free UK P&P here
  14. For me it’s either The Stones: Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main Street Springsteen: The Wild, The Innocent & E Street Shuffle, Born To Run, Darkness Van Morrison: Astral Weeks, Moondance, His Band & Street Choir (ok the last one is a bit week) Miles Davis: ln A Silent Way: Bitches Brew: Tribute to Jack Johnson
  15. Hey, @Matt Keenan and @Pádraig, I mailed you both Weather Station CDs yesterday. Hopefully, they should be with you sometime next week - maybe the end of the week for yours, @Pádraig. Thanks, folks!
  16. Hi @Zeno. You should have received the Weather Station CD. Can you DM me, please? Thanks!
  17. When can we expect to hear some news on the February bookazine, John?
  18. Hello, received my March Uncut in the post today. All the way in Perth, Western Australia. I was disappointed to find that the 'Stories of the Street' cd was included, but not the Weather Station cd. Is this not available to overseas print subscribers? best regards Zeno
  19. Received the covermount cd but not the Weather Station CD.
  20. Hello again Out today is the Ultimate Record Collection: David Bowie - Part 3 (1990-2016) What is it? Well I'll tell you. It's the definitive recordings timeline - every album, single and comp - depicted in order of release, with new or unseen comments about making the records by the people who made them. Someone asked me on Twitter today, "Am I being thick? Is it the same as the Bowie Ultimate Music Guide?" Answer is no both times. No, you're not being thick and no it isn't the same as the UMG. This is an all-new, phone bill-threatening, transcription heavy, Zoom call-tastic work
  21. Hey @Jim Beers, @Matt Keenan, @Aleksandar Somogyi. Sorry to hear you didn't receive the Weather Station CD with your subs copy this month. I've relayed this to our fulfilment house, who handle subscriptions. The good news is that I have a small stash here... so if you'd like to DM me with your addresses, I'll pop a copy in the post to each of you. Apologies again.
  22. Same story, march edition arrived and only the cover CD, no The Weather Station CD...
  23. Same here Jim, March 2021 Edition arrived in the post and only the cover CD, no Weather Station CD. Kind of sad that you tell everyone they are getting something (even got a specific email shot to tell me), and then get nothing.... Is there at least a digital download available ?
  24. Well I got the magazine through the post. it had its cover mounted CD but there was no sight of The Weather Station CD. So how do I get my copy?
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