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  2. Two for January would be Steve Earle's album of covers of his late son Justin's work and the new Steven Wilson LP The Future Bites.
  3. It has without doubt been an exceptional year for music, thankfully in these strange times. However I was surprised that 6 of my top ten didn't make the Uncut top 75. The guilty 6 are: Samantha Crain - A Small Death Kris Drever - Where the World is thin Orlando Weeks - A Quickening North Americans - Roped In Oscar Jerome - Breathe Deep Tim Bowness - Late Night Laments.
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  5. I know Sleaford Mods and Mogwai have albums ready drop at the start of the year, and I'm hoping Let It Be will be getting a Giles Martin remix and boxset to tie in with Peter Jackson's film.
  6. first post; love a list fiona apple - fetch the bolt cutters laura marling - songs for our daughter hum - inlet taylor swift - folklore deftones - ohms all in all i'd say it's been a pretty decent year
  7. I think you're right, Soul Jazz are just the best at making these kinds of compilations. I only have a few (Deutsche Elektronische Musika and New Orleans Funk series, Future Bass, Soul of a Nation, New York Noise), but I'm always really impressed with their selection of tracks, and the fantastic booklets. I've been meaning to pick up some of their Studio One collections, and I'll be adding the % Dynamite to my wishlist 🙂 Just listening to Blue Breakbeats Vol 1, great shout!
  8. Soul Jazz are just the very best at that kind of thing, I think. I still rate their % Dynamite series as among the very best reggae + compilations. On a similar note, digging around in my record collection the other day, I came across Blue Note's Blue Juice and Blue Breaks & Beats comps - which were equally well curated. Easy enough, I guess, if you have access to everything in the cupboard. Let us know what you think of Cafe Exil and the Cuba comp!
  9. Really enjoyed this issue, although how some songs on Fear Of Music and Remain In Light can only merit two or three stars is a bit of a head scratcher! Pretty amazing intro by David Byrne with almost the entire focus on "I" rather than "We" which made me laugh. Talking Heads were so much about all of them and I guess that's why they're always at or near the top of many people's "group they'd most like to reform" list.
  10. Just pre-ordered Cafe Exil, it looks like an interesting compilation 🙂 And thanks also for the recommending the Soul Jazz Cuba comp. Apart from listening to some Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso a few years back, I'm not very familiar with Latin music. So this looks like a good place to start!
  11. Just saw the note about the Peter Green concert tribute on the Uncut Twitter feed. Great news. Third time lucky.
  12. I'd love to do a 'transitional' Mac feature, Rob. So who knows...
  13. Maybe a good idea for a future Uncut article, Michael - something I don't think has been covered in the main magazine before? (Although obviously there's a lot in the UMG). Would be a nice surprise to see that incarnation of the Mac on the cover rather than Stevie, Lindsey et al.
  14. Hi, question: - how do you start a new topic - as my point is more of a general nature about the whole series than the latest issue? My query is how do you decide which artists to cover in this series? I have collected every issues so far - but I am surprised at some of the omissions thus far. Is there any news of any of the following being covered as I would really like to see these: AC/DC Free/Bad Company Iron Maiden Siouxsie and the Banshees ZZ Top Madonna Eagles Faithless Thanks.
  15. Scott -- unsubstantiated rumours persist that the VU doc will be in Berlin on maybe Cannes, so expect that possibly in mid-2021. I'm prepared to be wrong about that, of course. We printed a letter in Uncut recently from an American reader who'd seen LIB at a US Library of Congress screening. It was filmed for television in 4 x 3 format, but had to be adjusted to widescreen for theatrical presentation; not entirely successfully, I gather. There'd be a close-up of John singing, for instance, but you could only see his chin. I'm hopeful that if/when LIB is re-issued it's shown in the ori
  16. I think the reunion footage from the Council doc was withheld from press screeners, so it was a genuine surprise on broadcast. I can imagine certain PW fans grumbling that he'll reform the Style Council, but he won't reform the Jam! There's Peter Green news coming very soon, I think; both for the cinema release of the film and also the boxset. I was at the concert, as it goes; an amazing night for many reasons. Gilmour just walking on, unannounced, for "Oh Well, Pt 2" was mindblowing, of course. But away from that kind of marquee moment, Billy Gibbons was a pretty spectacular, though d
  17. Thanks, Scott - the Deutsche Elektronische Musik comp is excellent. On a similar tip, you should keep an eye out for Cafe Exil - New Adventures In European Music 1972 - 1980, which is due on Ace in a week or so's time. It features a lot of familiar names - Amon Duul II, Faust, Eno, Michael Rother, Cluster, Popol Vuh etc - as well as people like Annette Peacock, Piero Umiliani, Tony Esposito. I can happily eat this stuff for breakfast. I can also heartily recommend Soul Jazz's Cuba: Music And Revolution comp, Experiments In Latin Music: 1975 - 1985 Vol 1.
  18. Some favourites from this year: Chassol - Ludi Trees Speak - Shadow Forms Ustad Saami - Pakistan Is for the Peaceful Guided By Voices - Mirrored Aztec Hollow Ship - Future Remains Lukas Lauermann - I N Prins Thomas - Traens Soul Jazz Records Presents Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1971-83
  19. The Style Council film was terrific - the reunion right at the end was very touching. Watched the Ronnie Scott doc the other night and again, wonderful - some amazing footage and, of course, fantastic music. Still hoping to see the Peter Green tribute concert film at some point - postponed twice this year at my local venue due to the dreaded you-know-what ☹️
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  21. I hadn't heard about the Velvets doc, hope it gets released soon! I'm looking forward to seeing Alex Winter's Zappa film, and can't wait to see Peter Jackson's Get Back documentary. I remember The Beatles' press release saying that 'Let It Be' would also be released, so hopefully that actually happens. I also have a copy of Where Does A Body End, the Swans documentary, but still haven't found the time to watch it. For favourite music docs, I still really love I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, about Wilco recording Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. And Metallica's Some Kind Of Monster is still my
  22. In the last month or so alone, we've had David Byrne's American Utopia concert film, Julien Temple's Shane Macgowan doc and the Sky Arts' Style Council film and the Delia Derbyshire feature - all of which have been very strong. Looking ahead, I can't wait for Todd Haynes' Velvets doc. But what are your favourite music films - documentaries or dramas? And what forthcoming pics are you looking forward to?
  23. Hopefully, you've all had time to digest our Albums and Reissues Of The Year by now. But were there any glaring omissions in our polls? We'd love you top turn us on to some other records we may have missed, so please post your own favourites/charts/recommendations etc below. Thanks!
  24. Good choices Rob! Blur (and solo projects), Nirvana/Foos, The Doors, and Jack White would also be on my UMG wishlist, along with Zappa and Suede. Also deluxe versions of Depeche Mode and Kate Bush, just because I missed them first time around!
  25. Thanks everyone, I have just got into Cave via Ghosteen so discovering the back catalogue, will need to track a copy of this down, got any spares floating around the office, happy to pay!
  26. One more Bowie related archive thing that cropped up this week..
  27. Some UMG hopes for 2021...The Doors (50th anniversary of JM's death), T-Rex (50 yrs since Electric Warrior), Blur (30 years since Leisure), Nirvana/Foos (30 years since Nevermind), Arctic Monkeys (15 years since WPSIATWIN). And Jack White. Just because.
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